Spirit Garage, the church with the Really Big Door. We are a Christian community sharing the Acceptance, Forgiveness and Love of Jesus.

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We are a Church. We understand the church not as an organization, institution, or place, but the gathering of people following Jesus. We are Jesus’s hands, feet, and voice of acceptance, forgiveness, and love in this world.

We have a Really Big Door. Everyone is welcome here. Everyone is a part of the whole.

The Really Big Door swings both ways. We are all about building the Kingdom of God. Everyone is welcome, but no one is obligated to stay. There are other churches that might be more fitting for you. Simply ask and we can hopefully help you find the right one. What we want most is that every person knows the story of Jesus, and learns to live the story as their own.

When & Where:

Spirit Garage gathers for worship on Sundays, 10:30 AM at the Hook & Ladder Theater, 3010 Minneahaha Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406 or join us online through Twitter or Facebook.


  • We believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Through this we are given grace, access to God and become part of the healing, restoration and life giving work that God is creating in people and in the world.
  • We celebrate Holy Communion, which is a meal of Jesus sacrifice and his healing work in the world.
  • We welcome the community of faith through baptism.
  • We recognize that God’s work in our lives and hearts is often a lifelong process rather than an instant decision.
  • We invite everyone, regardless of their background and history to join us on a journey in following the way of Jesus Christ.


  • The people of Spirit Garage come from all kinds of religious and not so religious backgrounds.
  • We maintain financial and official ties to the Lutheran church through our ELCA sponsor congregation Bethlehem Lutheran of the Twin Cities.
  • What we do at Spirit Garage may or may not be what many people would call Lutheran, nevertheless, we find that the connection to a larger church community is helpful.

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