A Word from the Drivetrain

Dear Spirit Garage Members & Friends:

Hard to believe that 2018 is over halfway through! What a year it’s shaping up to be at Spirit Garage! We were thrilled to “officially” install Pastor Holly this summer after welcoming her as our Pastor in 2017. 

Some of our other year-to-date activities include:

1. TWO community chili cook-off’s – Longfellow and Hook & Ladder

2. Longfellow Community Council’s Pie-no-Pie resource fair 

4. Bible study at Peace Coffee 

5. Theology conversations at Sisters’ Sludge

6. Book discussions at Moon Palace books

7. Open Streets

8. May Day Parade 

9. Concerts

10. Outdoor worship at Minnehaha and Lake Harriet (coming up on 9/2!)

We don’t talk much about finances, and that is on purpose. We don’t want our friends, members or people checking out Spirit Garage for the first time to feel pressure to give. However, from time to time, it is important to point out where we’re at from a financial perspective, in order to continue the good work that Spirit Garage has been up to the past 20+ years in helping people grow in their relationship with God and each other. 

Spirit Garage is behind on our offering. Through 6/30/18, actual giving is $35,232, and our budget was $47,790. There is still time to make up our deficit! 

This is a great time to re-evaluate your offering and consider making a one-time gift, or consider beginning or increasing your regular donation, if your budget allows. If you’d like assistance or resources with budgeting, please feel free to reach out to me. 

As a reminder, you can give in the following ways:

  • Text-to-Give is remarkably easy! Send the amount you want to give to (612) 255-1603. You’ll be taken to a webpage to enter your information.  A “thank you” for your gift will be sent via text and email. At any time you can type “repeat” or a new amount and the gift will be made from your account. 
  • Electronically by visiting the Spirit Garage Donation Page to make a one-time or recurring gift
  • Send check to Spirit Garage at 4100 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55409
  • Come to worship, and put your cash or check into the oil cans that are passed around during announcements. 

Thank you for your partnership in growing God’s kingdom! I look forward to celebrating Spirit Garage’s 21st birthday with you in October!

Melissa Johnston

Drivetrain Team Member (leadership team) and Children’s Ministry Parent Coordinator

A Word from the Drivetrain – John Lawyer

The Drivetrain is the leadership team of Spirit Garage, the group that makes things move!

Greetings from the Drive Train!

Can you believe summer is already half over?  As we steam through July (literally!) we hope you are joining in some of the summer fun we’ve been having. We’ve had worship in the park at Minnehaha Falls, the Earth Day clean-up and picnic,  and the Longfellow neighborhood walk. Coming up we have Revealed live at Carbone’s Pizza and Three on the Tree rocking it at Open Streets. And don’t forget to get your tickets to the August 17th Saints game! You can find information about these events on the calendar page.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we are already planning for fall. The Connectors Marketing Team has been working hard on a new outreach plan, and we have a new logo and a new look in the works. We’re also reaching out to old friends as we plan our 21st Birthday/Homecoming party for this fall in October.

Summer’s moving fast, as it always does. We hope you have time to get out and enjoy it and meet this wild God of ours in the warm sunshine!  Good things are on the horizon but for now …back to the pool!

-John Lawyer

Worship Services (or NOT) the next two weeks! Things are different!

July 15- Minnehaha Falls Bandstand Worship

When: Sunday, July 15, 10:30am

Each year we hold worship at Minnehaha Falls Park. Our annual free community picnic will follow at 11:45 at the picnic tables adjacent to the bandstand. Look for Spirit Garage Signage to guide your way.

While the picnic is free, you are welcome to bring something to share! Please sign up here so that we are sure to have all our bases covered.

During lunch, CD Onofrio is going to share some music with us. CD is a musician from Niagara Falls, Canada, and Berkeley, CA and likes to travel the world sharing music. You can hear his sound here.

After lunch, take some time to enjoy the park walking and bike trails down to the falls and creek below. Bike and Cart rentals are available at Sea Salt Restaurant.

Traffic may be tricky this day, as Lake Street is supposed to be closed.


July 22-NO WORSHIP service but come out for Open Streets!


Open Streets: Lake+Minnehaha

When: Sunday, July 22, 11 AM-5 PM

Where: The Hook and Ladder, 3010 Minnehaha Ave

Art Vandalay will be playing at 12 noon; 3 on the Tree will be playing at 2pm.  Volunteers are needed to help with they day including string art & crafts table, making cotton candy, live music setup/teardown, etc. You can sign up here to help! This is a great way for us to connect with the neighborhood we call home. So if you’ve been wondering why anyone hasn’t found us hidden away in our little building for a couple hours a week….well, it’s because we need to be out in the street! This is a great time to do that. We will mostly be in between the police station and the Hook and Ladder Theater, so we should not be hard to find.

Summer always has a lot going on, because we have to be outside when we can! Here’s hoping it is not too hot. As we think about that, we’ll just remember that it has only been 3 short months since our last blizzard.

#GodisWild #soistheweather

See you in the Wilderness!

Pastor Holly

God is Wild Summer Exploration


We often try to domesticate God, but what if God is wild?

This summer we have a summer exploration theme: God is Wild. Lots of times, we think we know what God is up to, and people think they have a pretty good sense of what God thinks. This is what I like to call our “God box.” We think we know what is in that box. But I wonder if by doing that if we make God too small? And what if God is wild and can’t fit in a box?

Each week this summer, we’ll focus on a different story from scripture where God acts in a way that seems contrary to the order we might expect. Why would someone plant a weed in a garden? Why did God make such strange creatures? Why doesn’t God know how to dress for a party? Does God change God’s mind? What is that crazy dream about? All these questions have something to do with the texts we found that tell us wild stories about God.

Along with that, you’ll hear “Wild” songs all summer long (You can read John Kerns’s post about the wild songs), and hear poetry that is about the wilderness or wild things.

We also have a summer book read, and three dates for discussions if you’d like to participate: Brené Brown’s newest book, Braving the Wilderness will help us form discussions about being brave in unknown territory; being brave in the face of vulnerability, and finding true belonging. Join us for a book discussion night upstairs at the Moon Palace Bookstore, 3032 Minnehaha Ave. There is also a cafe there if you want to grab food or drink.

There is one book behind the counter with my name on it that you are welcome to buy from Moon Palace! I put it there just for you!

June 12th
7:30-8:30 PM
(Chapter 1)

July 10th
7:30-8:30 PM
(Chapters 2-4)

August 14th
7:30-8:30 PM
(Chapters 5-7)

Join us for a God is Wild Summer Exploration!


State of the Spirit (Garage)

On February 25, following worship, we’ll have an annual meeting following worship, with LUNCH included just in case the regular BREAKFAST isn’t enough. Two meals in one day!

At this meeting you’ll hear from:

  • The Think Tank that has been planning short-term next steps
  • The Connectors who are working on some of those next steps
  • Our (fairly) new pastor on first impressions and more.

We’ll discuss:

  • Our financial state, and hopes for this next year
  • Our membership state and our hopes for next year
  •  New initiatives

As with everything at Spirit Garage, your participation is key to the ongoing success of Spirit Garage! See you there, February 25, from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

FAQs Bible Study

Wednesdays during Lent, 7-8 PM beginning February 21st
Peace Coffee, 3262 Minnehaha Ave in Longfellow

As we continue to “Live the Questions” in the season of Lent, consider this Lenten practice:
Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM you’ll find me sitting at Peace Coffee with the scripture for the following week. (Except March 7th).

One of the best ways to study the scripture is to ask it a lot of questions, so I’m calling this “Frequently Asked Questions” bible study. The main goal will be to ask the text as many questions as we can, and see what that might open up for us.

Here are some examples of questions we might ask:

Who is in this story?
Who is this story written for?
Who is this story written about?
Who wrote this story?
What did they want their audience to think when they read this story?
What should we think instead?
What happened before this story?
Why did he say THAT?
What does this mean?
In what tone of voice do you think he said that?
What did the setting look like?
Who else might have been there?
What was that silent character thinking?
Why don’t the women have names?And lots more…you get to ask. I don’t guarantee answers, but Jesus didn’t either. Often he just asked more questions.

Then come on Sunday and see how these questions get woven into the fabric of the message.

From the workbench of…

Holly Johnson
Pastor @ Spirit Garage