Kernsey’s Playlist for February 1, 2018

These are songs in my rotation this week. Some are songs I need to learn, some are faves, some are “Hey, what’s this?” clicks.Kernsey's Music Playlist

Kernsey’s Music Playlist

Shoes: King’s X

Starting a song acapella [voices only] is gutsy. The funky metal riff that kicks in floors me every time. Play this loud.

Come Alive [Dry Bones]: Lauren Daigle

A worship song suggestion for a scripture that we used a few weeks back. Maybe next year when this comes around we’ll do it.

I Will Follow: Jon Guerra

I played this at a funeral last week for a high school friend’s mom’s passing. The fingerpicking almost killed me; basically your dust in the wind fingerpicking pattern.

Hip Today: Extreme

Another worship song suggestion that is probably beyond our playability level. Love that funky bassline.

I Saw the Light: Cowboy Mouth

We are playing this one at worship in February. I respect Hank Williams Sr. but this is much more our style.

Say it to Me Now: Glen Hansard

I’m playing a ONCE movie soundtrack tribute in March with Shelly Domke. This is from the opening scene of the lonely troubadour.

Let the Mystery Be: Iris Dement

The Leftovers was my new show to watch, but only we only got 3 seasons before they were canceled. This is the theme song and speaks to the show premise as well as the mystery of our God.

Laughing With: Regina Spektor

Cool video, haunting lyrics-even if they don’t rhyme.

Landed: Ben Folds

We recently saw Ben Folds with the MN Orchestra at Orchestra Hall play this. Hearing him with strings and horns is so peaceful, yet such a change from him bashing out songs in the 90’s.

Turn Up the Radio: Autograph

One of my all-time favorite 80’s anthems and hair rocker tunes. Incidentally, the solo, recorded by guitarist Steve Lynch, was dubbed “Guitar Solo of the Year” in 1985 by Guitar Player Magazine.

I Still Believe: The Call

It’s one of those 80’s two-hit wonder bands that you go “oh yeah, THAT tune” but you never really focused on the lyrics all that much.

I’m Ready: Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is hit and miss for me, but this one is very spooky and fitting for worship services.

Favorite Podcast Episode:

The Nerdist featuring Ben Folds, 6.27.15

Had to do some backtracking catch-up for the Ben Folds Concert. He has some really interesting views on music notation and record labels.

Obligatory Star Wars Fix:

Star Wars Bartender, Richard Pryor

What’s on your playlist? Please share with the Spirit Garage community.

What Is 3rd Thursday Theology on Tap?

In January Spirit Garage launched a new event, in partnership with the young adult group at Bethlehem Lutheran. 3rd Thursday Theology on Tap will be held at Sisters’ Sludge Coffee and Wine bar at 38th street and 23rd Avenue S. The next one will be February 15th, from 7-8:30 PM.

At the first “soft launch” about 8 people showed up to discuss the question of the ages about religion: If God is all-powerful and all-knowing and all-loving, why do bad things happen?

When you arrive at Sisters’ Sludge, there are two sides; we take over the part by the fireplace, that has some couches and some chairs gathered around. On the table in front of you will be a few light appetizers, name tags and a “quotes and questions” page. This has a variety of different quotes on the subject to get you thinking, followed by some questions to use as jumping off points.

A few minutes after the start time, there is an introduction. In that introduction, you will hear that you are welcome there, with whatever questions, doubts, assurances, ideas, or lived experiences you come with. You are also invited to be listen for the wisdom of your neighbor.

Then we ask everyone to introduce themselves. This last month we asked people to say their name, and one unhelpful thing that people say when someone is suffering—like “God needed another angel.”

After that, we see where the conversation takes us. On the first night we ended up talking about the difference in magnitude between our personal heartbreaks and, say, Syria. We also talked about where God is in suffering…causing it or sitting in it. One question we tossed around is whether God makes bad things happen to teach us lessons, or alternatively, finds ways to make something good out of the bad things that happen.

Its hard to say—but we’re not there for answers as much as conversation. So join the conversation! In February, since it is the day after Valentine’s day, it seems appropriate to talk about Love and Marriage…like that song “Love and Marriage…go together like a horse and carriage…” Um…this is a really horrible metaphor. One is a working animal owned by a riding owner…

So, until 3rd Thursday. See you there.


Pastor @ Spirit Garage