Dude, Where’s My Bulletin?

Welp, we have joined the mega-church trend of having a screen and projection during worship.  There are many reasons for this: saving paper usage, eliminating the staring-down while the band is up front, saving time in formatting, etc.  We still have a printed bulletin [worship order, announcements, people up front, etc] but it’s much less work to assemble it now.

Some of you have noted that you miss taking the lyrics home with you. We have your solution!  All of our original lyrics are now saved in the members area of our website.  www.spiritgarage.org.  Select “Login” or “Signup” to access them.  In the dashboard, select “Downloads” and BOOM, there you go.  You can easily view or download them.  While you’re there, check out the Prayers, Announcements, Hosting Guides and belonging booklet.  These documents will help you participate in worship if that’s your thing.

What about all the other songs that you play?  Can’t we see those lyrics too?  Yes, but those lyrics are not ours to do with what we please.  One lyric site I like to use is http://lyrics.wikia.com.  There have far less ads and clickbait than most sites. Say for example, you wanted to read lyrics to Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers’ Ballad of Lupe Montosa. They have it.  Click HERE.  BTW this is the 3rd saddest song i’ve ever heard.

While compiling all these lyrics into single documents from our full-length cd’s, Free Parking, Faith, Love and Rock & Roll and #the40project, i got a little nostalgic thinking about how these songs were written.  Some were written on computers, some were started on scratch paper or bar napkins, and at least one was written on an airplane motion discomfort receptacle.  I’m certain more songs will join the fold, but it occurred to me that we only have 37 definitive recorded versions of these songs.  Although we aren’t quite ready yet, we have MANY songs already that are ready to be recorded.  I’m excited to think about another recording project.  What would the theme be?  What songs do we already have that fit together?  What songs have moved you [and me] the most?

As some of us mourn the loss of printed word, others embrace focusing our energy into something else.  Something new.  Something audible.

As always, we welcome suggestions for songs to play and more importantly, songs to WRITE.  All suggestions can be sent to kernsey@spiritgarage.org.  Let’s all write some lyrics today.

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