Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
in all your ways acknowledge the Lord, and he will direct your paths. — Proverbs 3, 5-6



  • Pray to Move On

    God, I told the man in Caribou with the jacket that said "PRAY FOR ME", that I would, so bless him, he said, "to be able to move on." Amen.

  • Power of spoken word

    I thank You Lord that I have no difficulty speaking to my fellow human beings and imparting valuable information; and that I have no problem listening to others, to get good information. Amen.

  • Having patience while waiting

    Dear God, I reiterate our prayers today at service about "Waiting is the Hardest Part." Help us to have patience, and faith that You will guide us out of darkness, into good things! As our prayer reader said, "We praise You and celebrate Your coming into our lives, into our world. Help us all to be Your messengers."

  • prayers for unborn baby and parents

    God, I pray today for a couple who just found out their fetus has a tumor on the brain. Hold them in this time of waiting for answers, nurture them through whatever comes next, and hold that unborn baby in the palm of your hands, however it all ends up.

  • STRESSful project

    God, see that I did all that work right tonight, it was really hard. Amen.

  • Healing needed

    Pray for healing of the drunk man whose bad behavior necessitated security to be called.

  • Earth Angel

    Thanks be to you, Lord, for this earth angel I met, Elizabeth, who helped me alot today. Help her with housing and put angels around her. Thank you for the saints. Amen.

  • Jesus seeing me through a tough experience

    Thank You, Jesus, for seeing me through that insanely stressful experience of being computer hacked. Amen.

  • Safety

    Today I am praying for the safety of pedestrians. [Sharing a written prayer for another.]

  • Masters Program Acceptance

    Lord, bless M for successful application to master's program in social work at the U. Thank You for taking care of her.

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