A Different Lens on 3rd Sundays most months

For the last year, we’ve been exploring different lenses on faith and God and the Bible through the perspective of people of Color on one Sunday a month.

Speakers like Rev. Dr. Steed Davidson, Deacon David Rojas Martinez, Lori Gordon, Rev. Tuhina Rasche, Rev. Kelly Chatman, Rev. Mytch Dorvilier, Rev. Verlon Brown, Rev. Louis Tillman, Rev. Jenny Sung, Rev. Angela Khabeb, Joe Davis, Adam Cerling, Rev. Nikkeya Berryhill and Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer have shared perspectives on faith from the angle of post-colonialism, being a refugee, racial identities and queer identities. You can read more about all of these folks on previous Different Lens blog about the series. If you want to go back and watch them, you can find them on our YouTube Different Lens Playlist. Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

The “Tradition” 

Much of what most of us are taught or absorb about faith and what to understand about the Bible was constructed by white men a long time ago. Listening to people of other identities and social locations can illuminate more of who God is, what God has done and is doing. 

In this series we hear the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous people, and other people of color), Queer folx and other voices from the margins. The hope is that we open up our theological imagination to broader understandings of these ancient texts, who God is, what God is up to, and who God is for. Maybe we also expand our image of what a faith leader looks like.


What happens: 

On the third Sunday, instead of a sermon, Pastor Holly introduces a BIPOC and/or Queer Christian faith leader.  They tell us a biblical story biblical story/passage that has meaning for them from their social location/identities. 


Here’s our Latest Lineup of Experts:

February 20th, we’ll learn from Rev. Nikki Frontz, the Community and Faith leader  of Solomon’s Porch (which is the church that owns the building we worship in) will share with us. Nikki comes with an eclectic Christian faith background, and has lived in Colorado but grew up in Mississippi. Besides being a pastor in the United Church of Christ, she also serves in the National Guard and is a life coach.

March 20th, we’ll learn from Rev. Babette Chatman, who is a Campus Pastor at Augsburg University. She has also served at Redeemer Lutheran and the Redeemer Center for Life; an organization of community organizing and empowerment.

Check back for more updates for future months!


April 24th (NOT the third Sunday) we’ll learn from Dr. Michael Chan, Hebrew Bible professor at Luther Seminary. He’s also the producer of the Gospel Beautiful Podcast.