The Drivetrain is the leadership team of Spirit Garage, the group that makes things move!

Greetings from the Drive Train!

Can you believe summer is already half over?  As we steam through July (literally!) we hope you are joining in some of the summer fun we’ve been having. We’ve had worship in the park at Minnehaha Falls, the Earth Day clean-up and picnic,  and the Longfellow neighborhood walk. Coming up we have Revealed live at Carbone’s Pizza and Three on the Tree rocking it at Open Streets. And don’t forget to get your tickets to the August 17th Saints game! You can find information about these events on the calendar page.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we are already planning for fall. The Connectors Marketing Team has been working hard on a new outreach plan, and we have a new logo and a new look in the works. We’re also reaching out to old friends as we plan our 21st Birthday/Homecoming party for this fall in October.

Summer’s moving fast, as it always does. We hope you have time to get out and enjoy it and meet this wild God of ours in the warm sunshine!  Good things are on the horizon but for now …back to the pool!

-John Lawyer