What We’re About:

Spirit Garage, the church with the Really Big Door.

If Jesus was going to be born in Minneapolis today, it would probably be in a garage. Maybe the angels would be singing in a Garage Band.  We believe that God’s Spirit is alive, active and running around in the world today. Garages often have physically big doors; churches should have metaphorically big doors. All are welcome here, and you don’t have to check your brain before you enter. 

What we believe:

You can find a variety of beliefs and doubts at Spirit Garage, but our leadership and rootedness come from a Lutheran and Christian place. This means the ways we talk and sing about faith will include these things:

  • We believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Through Christ we are given grace, and we share that grace in the world to become part of the healing of  the world.
  • We celebrate Holy Communion, which is simple bread and wine that Christ instituted as a meal of God’s grace. All are welcome. All means all. God says yes to children, criminals, doubters, people with different understandings, people who have been rejected by other religious authorities, people of all kinds of genders and sexualities. If God said this was for all people, why would we turn anyone away? 
  • We welcome the community of faith through baptism.
  • We recognize that God’s work in our lives and hearts is often a lifelong process rather than an instant decision.

Who we are:

  • The people of Spirit Garage come from all kinds of religious and not so religious backgrounds.
  • Our pastor is ordained in the  ELCA  (Lutheran).
  • We maintain financial and official ties to the Lutheran church through our ELCA sponsor congregation Bethlehem Lutheran of the Twin Cities.
  • What we do at Spirit Garage may or may not be what many people would call Lutheran. Nevertheless, we find that the connection to a larger church community is helpful.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission statement:

Spirit Garage is grassroots ministry rooted in Christ welcoming all into authentic relationships. As the church with the really big door, we strive to create a compassionate community which honors the giftedness of all.

Core Values:

Authentic Relationship

God meets you where you are, and so do we, so come as you are.

What you find at Spirit Garage will be real. Come as you are. Take it at your own pace. At worship you’ll find good music, a message, prayer and communion; plus art supplies if you’d like to doodle your way through the gathering. We connect with others in small groups and events as varied as we are. There will be opportunities to connect with neighbors in need in this community and around the world.

Big Door

You are invited in.

We don’t actually meet in a garage. But we do like the idea of a big garage door welcoming all in and out.  We hold open the big door of God’s love and create a space where everyone is welcome.  The big door always goes both ways, so we hope to be out in the community, living out our core values in the world around us.

Grassroots Ministry

You can be a part of it.

Spirit Garage is a community of faith and  every person contributes to the health of the whole. Some organize small groups, some lead worship, some bake bread, some help set up and clean up, some share musical gifts, some pray for the community, some serve on the leadership team, some work on making sure people know what is happening. 


Everyone has gifts to offer. What will you bring?

God has given each of us unique gifts. Putting your passion in action is what fuels the culture of Spirit Garage. Some grow in their art, others stir the discussion, and others work behind the scenes. Spirit Garage is a place to explore, grow, and use our gifts. 

Compassionate Community

God knits us together for a moment, a season, a lifetime, or a reason.

At Spirit Garage we start by letting God’s love care for us, and then proceed to having that love shine out to others and all creation. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, provided care and healing to the sick, and gave mercy to everyone. We are called to follow in his footsteps. We have opportunities all around us—people at church, in our neighborhoods, and throughout the world.