Winter. Some hate it; some love it. We all, however, have to come to terms with it. As I write this on Sunday night, it is 4 degrees outside and the snow is beginning to fall. This is supposed to be the first really good snowstorm of the year. Right. My son’s schools have already cancelled for tomorrow and I sit here watching my phone for it to light up with an e-mail telling me my school district will also have heart and give us hard working teachers the day off. Also, driving 20 miles in the snow tomorrow morning will NOT be a stroll in the park! The first snowfall this year, of which there was a mere two inches, increased my drive time from 25 minutes to over an hour. It was a pain.

However, through all this, I have to remind myself that I truly love what I get to do every day. I teach middle-school music. There are some who roll their eyes and some who call me a saint walking among them (for real, I couldn’t be so bold as to make that up). To me, there is not another thing I could see myself doing. Middle-schoolers, whether you like them or think they are too wiley or inconsistent or crazy, are inexplicably caught between being a child and a young adult. They still laugh at stupid jokes. They still are inclusive and most will offer help when someone else needs it. They still want to impress on their teachers.

When we get a calling in life it is paramount we answer. I never asked God to help me find this job (I just switched from middle school science, and it’s a story I will share with you if you ask). However, after beginning the start-of-the-year teacher activities with my old school, I got the interview to be with my new location. I could not hesitate. I knew I had wanted to teach music my whole life. I now knew I wanted to teach middle school. It was the universe, or God, or fate, or karma, or just blind luck, but I knew I had to move.

I hope as you drive forward with Spirit Garage you can find a calling within its really big doors. Everyone is welcome to sit and enjoy the show, but remember all the things that must happen for the music to soothe you soul, or Bear to pour you that first cup of coffee that smooths out your morning, or for Holly to enlighten you through poetry or life-lessons, or for communion to relax your mind and forgive your sins. There are literally a hundred ways to get involved. The simplest would be to make sure to give what you can in whatever form makes sense. Your time, talents, and tithe come in handy.

And stay warm out there.

From your friendly neighborhood sound guy and fellow musician and Spirit Garager,

Jason Eldridge