April 3, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Lake Nokomis Playground
2477 Minnehaha Ave E
Easter egg hunt @ Lake Nokomis Playground

Easter Egg Hunt!

Most years, during church on Easter Sunday, Carl is off in another part of the building hiding lots of eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Well, we’re not hanging out in buildings with lots of people these days, so we will hope for good weather and hide those Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt outside where they should be!

Bring the Kids!

If you have kids, bring them out for this day in the park. Someone will be there early to hide some eggs in a certain area.


Not a Kid? You can come hang out too if you want.

If other Spirit Garage folx want to show up on this day to hang out for a bit and say hi to one another outside at a distance, you are welcome to do so. Just respect the space between people to keep our community welcoming and safe! It’s been a long Winter, and it will be good to spend some time outside with one another.

History of Easter egg hunts

Want to know about the history of Easter egg hunts? It’s pretty interesting! You can read about it here.