January 16, 2022 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
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Note: Spirit Garage Leadership has decided to go online only for worship through the remainder of January, in support of healthcare workers who are overwhelmed with COVID patients, and in support of public health for all, which is unavailable because of COVID patients. We will do our part to not be part of the spread of Omicron. We are hoping taking this three week break from meeting in person will help.

This Sunday, we welcome Nikkeya Berryhill to be our Different Lens speaker. Nikkeya and I met while she was a seminary student in Berkeley, CA, but she currently lives in Chicago, where she has wrapped up a call as a mission developer and is heading to a church in North Carolina. Nikkeya identifies with a lot of in-between spaces, and I believe that will come up in her reflections on the text.

In our Different Lens worship series, we seek to learn from faith leaders who are also people of color and/or queer, who may offer a different lens on a text than what has been traditionally taught. We’re thankful to learn from the wisdom of the margins.