January 13, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Pastor Holly Johnson
Reconciling With Race @ Online

This month, you are welcome to join a challenge to commit to deepening your understanding of, and willingness to confront, racism. The Challenge will raise your awareness, change your understanding and shift the way you behave.

Here is a list (with links!) to 21 different activities-podcasts, episodes, movies, music, articles and more to further racial understanding. Please do as many of these as you can, but at least 7 to participate in this conversation. As you are engaging with the material, keep a notebook nearby to take notes:

-What are you learning?

-What is new information to you?

-What surprised you?

-What more do you need to know/what are you discovering that you want to learn more about?

Come to the conversation ready to share what you are learning and listen to others’ learnings, as we continue to “Reconcile with race.”


(Why am I calling it that? Its because I think many of us want to pretend that race and racism don’t really exist or have that big of an impact on people. But they do, and we all play a part in that, so I’m hoping we can reconcile ourselves to that reality.)