HOLIDAY ROAD: The 13th Installment of Garage Band Xmas

After last year, we’re all hoping for something different, right?  Well, we’ve got different this year–different venue, different band, different songs, different sounds system, and the list goes on and on…

Headed Home?

This year, we are featuring songs about the travels, journeys and roads that we take for the holidays and we remember the journey that Mary, Joseph and Jesus made to Bethlehem. Sometimes these roads are perilous [seriously, pregnant on a donkey for HOW LONG?], sometimes they can be dreadful [weather, relatives, stress], but hopefully they are exciting and cheerful, like some of the songs we feature this year.  

New and Familiar Songs

If you’ve seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, you’ve heard our theme song, “Holiday Road” by Lindsey Buckingham.  We are playing all the various “Traveling for Christmas” songs that you’re familiar with and featuring a new one by Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets called “Christmas at the Airport.” We follow that with a little-known favorite of ours called “Snowplow Dave” by The Favorites. Can you guess why those two go together?

This Christmas

Our covid-Christmas show last year was a fun experiment and we will still have a livestream-version of the show on Facebook and YouTube.  If you feel comfortable wearing a mask indoors with others, please come and enjoy our in-person performance of GBX 13: Holiday Road at our new home, stage, venue, lounge, offices and neighborhood at 100 W 46th St, Mpls [inside Solomon’s Porch].  

Hybrid Performance

We are also pleased to present 2 performances of Garage Band Xmas 13: Holiday Road.  Saturday, December 11, 7pm, and Sunday, December 12, 10:30am.  Both shows will be largely the same but the Sunday show will act as our usual worship service.  Please come to both shows if you like!

Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to collect a 12-string electric guitar from a friend to use in the show!  Yay, more guitars!!

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