For about two years, we’ve been asking our “Different Lens” speakers to answer a series of questions at the end of their messages. 

Some of those questions are shaped after the interviews that James Lipton used to do on an old show called “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” One of them that we ask is “If heaven exists and God has a voice, what do you want to hear God say to you when you arrive?” 

We’ve received some great answers of what people want to hear from God from these faith leaders. Here are some examples:

Rev. Tuhina Rasche: It wasn’t all in vain.

Rev. Lori Gordon: Welcome Home

Deacon David Rojas Martinez: I hope I would simply fall into ultimate love.

Dr. Steed Davidson: See? It wasn’t so bad. 

Rev. Kelly Chatman: Well done, good and faithful servant. 

Rev. Match Dorvilier: Oh Wow!

Rev. Jenny Sung: I really just see myself walking in and Jesus being like, “JENNY!” and then we hug and dance and play. 

Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer: Ugh. Let’s get to work. 

Rev. Louis Tillman: How did you treat other people when you had all the blessings? and when you didn’t think you had all the blessings? 

Rev. Angela Khabeb: You have the biggest mansion in this place. 

Rev. Nikkeya Berryhill: My Darling Nikkeya, we’ve been waiting for you. 

Adam Cerling: Come further up, and further in. 

Rev. Nikki Frontz: I hope they shake their head at me and just laugh, and then say, “yeah, well, I kinda knew this would happen. And welcome home. You did right by me. You did it in a weird way, but you did it. Come on, I got something to show you. (and then the disco ball drops)

Joe Davis: Welcome home.

Rev. Babette Chatman: I hope he tells me I get to be in the choir, and then I hope he says there are no denominations in heaven. 

Brenda Blackhawk: I would trust God to tell me what I need to hear at that time. 

Francisco Herrera: I’m sorry. 

Now, I want to know what you have to say. If heaven exists and God has a voice, what do YOU want to hear God say when you arrive? Click on this link to answer this question, and we’ll collect and publish the answers later on.