After 25 years of making music and leading worship with Spirit Garage, John Kerns is moving on.

He was instrumental in starting this church and paving a new way to be church in the world back in 1997. He has had a tremendous impact on the life of the wider “church”, Spirit Garage, and countless lives; especially those who have made music with him in one of the bands.

We thank him for his years of ministry and wish him well in what comes next. Plans are still being made, but his last Sunday with Spirit Garage will be February 27th, 2022, and we anticipate we’ll celebrate his ministry at that time.

Letter from Kernsey:

Here is the letter he wrote about this transition:


Dear church-friends, musician-friends, and church-musician-friends,

While I’m so grateful to be a part of its first several evolutions, I am formally stepping away from my role as Minister of Music, effective February 28, 2022. The time has come for Spirit Garage to grow into its next phase of health now that our little church has a home, a stage, a sound system, an office, signage and finally feels [somewhat] settled.  This is a decision that has been weighing on me for quite a while, and the pandemic has [like many things] put a wrench in decision-making processes.

You all know me as an extrovert and I will miss the people most of all.  This is the exact same thing my dad said when he left his teaching career as a band director, “I’ll miss the people, but I won’t miss the actual job.” Honestly, there hasn’t been a time when I’ve truly disliked the job, but with this being my first career-oriented job right out of college in 1997, I’m simply ready to do something else.

As someone who actually enjoys change [yes, we do exist!] for the entire pandemic I’ve felt challenged and invigorated from the continual changes and thrived on pivoting. That has staved off these feelings that my work is done here, but I can’t ignore my gut.  I firmly believe that Spirit Garage is fully capable of dealing with the continued pandemic and hiring a new staff member.

I am not transitioning directly into another workplace and am not looking for worship leader positions.  I’m allowing God to guide me [with the grace of my family].

I’ll always have a soft spot for the Spirit Garage people and community for the rest of my life and have recognized that your time of rebuilding needs to have a fresh element.  I need everyone to know that this church is far bigger and more important than someone who helped start it.

As I pray for you, I hope you can all pray for me and my family as well.

High five,