An end to Trailer Life

In the Bible there is more than one story about a set of people who are on the road,  living in wildernesses, heading towards home or being driven from their homes. It is a very human story. Spirit Garage, for the whole of its 24 years, has been a little bit nomadic-a few years here, a few years there, a home for awhile…
Always with a trailer packed and unpacked in our borrowed space each Sunday morning. Carpets rolled, chords coiled, drums…you know the drill. We’re in good company with all of those folks in the Bible in their nomadic ways, living out of our trailer.
But in August we officially signed the lease for our agreement with Solomon’s Porch, and this Sunday we are beginning worship in our brand new home. I’m super excited about this.
As of October 3, you’ll find us at 100 W 46th St. in the Kingfield Neighborhood in South Minneapolis. Just take a bus down Nicollet, and get off at 46th and walk a block down to us. On Sunday mornings, use the green door on the corner. We will be sharing space with the faith community of Solomon’s Porch, whose gatherings are on Sunday evenings. Our worship will continue to be Sunday mornings at 10:30.

We’re getting more than a Drawer

Did I mention we have an office? You’ll find us (sometimes) up on the third floor (and if you can’t get to the third floor, we can meet you on the main floor). Kerns and I will share an office where we can also have meetings and host groups. In addition, we’ll be using various spaces in the building at other times during the month, like band rehearsal, creative nights, book discussions,  confirmation, movie nights and more.
No more trailers, bins, boxes, road cases, garbage cans with carpets, temporary signs, chairs to set up…

Celebrate by giving to our future in two ways!

Here’s how I celebrated our future together: First, I made a donation to the Solomon’s Porch ADA campaign building project that is funding an accessible bathroom and ramp to get to the main floor of the building.  This is a great way to show our support for the faith community we share a building with, plus, we get huge benefits out of it, since we would not even use the space if it didn’t get built. Then I made an equal extra donation to Spirit Garage to say Yay to this new settled future! Care to join me in giving to celebrate? Click on those links above-super simple.
It’s like coming home for the first time. It’s not a land filling with milk and honey, but then again, the promised land wasn’t either, it turns out. But it does have comfy couches and a permanent place to put things, with no need to hitch and unhitch the trailer in the midst of the coldest winters. I’m so excited.
Welcome home.
Pastor Holly