This year, for the first time ever, I went to Las Vegas.  It was mainly to see Phish play on Halloween.  It was awesome.  Truly awesome.  My Phish Phamily welcomed me back, as always, and my friend, Brent, introduced me to the various elements of Las Vegas RESPONSIBLY [get your mind out of the gutter].  You may know of my love for live music performances of all kinds, and this was a superb show!  We also caught an encore performance the night after, and saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles LOVE show.  Holy smokes, I took loads of photos.

The weekend was spent with our ladies at a rental house, making food, playing bumper pool and video blackjack, and relaxing in the hot tub.  [I’m calling this my birthday present, even though it was 3 weeks early.]  I really needed to get away and experience something new.  I’m not a gambler, but it was fun trying new things in a new place.  Sight-seeing and people-watching in Vegas is a trip and a half.

Turns out I really needed to get away and unplug from kids, routine, and Minneapolis [I still love you, Minneapolis!].  I was definitely in a rut.

“Life in slow-motion. Feet are in the clay. I’m going nowhere.  Been standing here all day.”

Phish played a song called “More”.  It was a sleeper for me, until this show, and I’m not sure why.  Possibly hearing 17,000 people singing “I’m vibrating with love and light” and “there must be something more than this” or the fact that I was so elated to be free of my daily life or it could be that I had something in common with so many people that made me feel certain that this was the right decision.

Phish shows often feature more dancing than you would expect.  There are people who dance THE ENTIRE TIME.  For me, I like to sing at shows.  Phish has so many songs with so many lyrics, that it’s often difficult to sing along with an entire song.  This one had a wonderful chorus that was easy to learn on the fly and seeing the house lights going bonkers and people arm in arm was exactly what I needed to feel, see, hear, and experience.

It made me think, “What IS next?  Is anyone around me thinking this same thing right now?” I’ve been thinking about our country and world, and I will be glad to one day, experience what is next.  To meet God, my relatives and friends passed, and be free of the things that drag me down on this planet.  I’ve got relatives that are deathly sick right now, and I’m feeling for them.  I’m thinking of the caravan of immigrants headed toward the border.  I’m thinking about the cold.   I’m back home now, and I’m still reeling from the weekend.  All those people go to Vegas to experience and escape and gamble, of course, but there must be something more than this.

Please raise your lighters and cell phones, and sing along with us, your Phamily.  Phish debuted “More” in Las Vegas in 2016.  Check it out HERE.  You can read the lyrics by clicking HERE.