You may have seen an upcoming event called “Wine, Cheese and Wisdom: The Enneagram and Self-discovery” and thought to yourself, “Ennea-what?” Here is a brief description. 

The Basics:

The enneagram is a way of understanding ourselves-a tool for self discovery that illuminates 9 different basic types of people and how we move, act, speak and respond in the world. It is an ancient system laid out in a circle (as illustrated above) and shows how we move in stress and in health. Learning about the enneagram will help you see your own habits and patterns and recognize them —so that when other people act differently than you, or when other people don’t understand how you are acting, you have some additional understanding about what is going on. For a more elaborate explanation, see The Enneagram Institute Website.

I am trained to lead workshops in using the enneagram to understand how we communicate, give and receive feedback, have conflict, act in teams, lead, and transform. I’ll lead a series of workshops to teach these things. My training comes from Ginger Lapid-Bogda, author of “Bringing Out The Best in Yourself at Work: How to use the Enneagram System for Success.” 

The Workshops:

The first workshop covers what the enneagram is, an overview of the nine different types, and tools for discovering your enneagram type. These workshops are offered on January 15 (THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL) and February 20th from 6:30-9 PM at Squirrel Haus Arts. You do not need to attend both; these are both the same workshops offered twice. Click on the date to find the registration information. This workshop can be a stand-alone workshop; so you can come to this introduction and be done with it.

The second workshop, which will cover communication, feedback and conflict will be super helpful for understanding your interactions with those closest to you: intimate partners, friends, family and co-workers. The first “part two” workshop will be Thursday, March 14. You must have attended one of the part one workshops in order to attend part two, or be very familiar with the whole enneagram system, as we will be starting with the assumption that people know the enneagram and the workshops are increasingly participatory. 

Each workshop costs $25, but if you are a Spirit Garage member and would like to attend but do not have funds, speak with me about it and we’ll see if we can work something out. 

The first workshop is full! The links provided here give first access to the next two workshops’ registration pages. Sign up today if you are interested! You will need to register and pay to be on the list.

Holly Johnson

Pastor at Spirit Garage