June 25, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Moon Palace Books
3032 Minnehaha Ave; Minneapolis
Holly Johnson
Book Discussions: Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith @ Moon Palace Books

This Summer our book discussion is Kathleen Norris’ book Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith. In this book, Norris is in the process of reconstructing her faith, and to do that she takes a bunch of church words that are scary to her or don’t make sense, and writes brief essays on how she comes to terms with those words. It fits well with our #WalkingTheDogma summer theme! We will have three discussions on the book, all at Moon Palace on Tuesday evenings at 7:30:

June 25th: (This night we will be outside Moon Palace/Geek Love) Discussing approximately the first 123 pages (Through Virgin Mary: Mother of God).

July 23rd: Discussing pages 124 (Anger)-252 (Conversion: Ebenezer)

August 20th: 253-the end.

Conversations are casual; people eat and drink. Come with notes and parts you like highlighted and we’ll see where the conversation leads.