Many people are looking for a place to belong. We belong together!  All it takes is the willingness to make yourself known.

Here are some ways to get involved. If you don’t see something you’re interested in, contact us and learn how to set up something new.

Partners in Giving

Spirit Garage seeks to be a Compassionate Community believing that God calls us to live out the love of Christ by caring for all creation, including each other.  The Drivetrain makes decisions about where our benevolence dollars go on a quarterly basis. There is preference given to places where we have an ability to get involved in the local area, or to crises as they arise.


Spirit Garage has bands playing on a rotating basis. Auditions are required to be a part of the music scene at Spirit Garage, and song suggestions are always welcome! The songs just have to be singable, playable, and fit with the theme for the day.

Children’s Ministry

Children, just like adults, are welcome to participate in whatever ways make sense for them. Occasionally there are kids activities during or after church.  When there are no specific kids’ activities, know that your littles are welcome in church, and are not considered a disruption. If it helps, in the balcony there are a ton of art supplies everyone is welcome to, and a kids room down the hall that is also open for your use.

Communion Bread Bakers

These folks love to bake and supply Spirit Garage with communion bread.  Any bread is welcome, and we also have a recipe you could use.


Hosting is the most important job in helping make Spirit Garage the church with the really big door.  No experience is necessary. Consider volunteering for 1 Sunday per month. Choose to help with one or more of the following: Set up, Greet, Bring Treats, Clean Up.

Prayers, Announcements, Communion Assistants

As a Grassroots Ministry we welcome lay leaders to participate in leading worship.  Interested in helping out with small but important portions of worship? We need people to say the community prayers, give announcements, and be communion assistants.

Sound Engineers

Help set up the stage and help people experience worship live in person or online. On the job training helps, but experience is necessary.  Contact Pastor Holly  if you’re interested.

Book Discussions

Once a quarter a new book is selected for conversation. Conversations happen once a month at Moon Palace Books and you are welcome to come to one or all of them. Past books have included: Braving the Wilderness, by Brené Brown,  Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water and Learning to Love the Bible Again, by Rachel Held Evans.


Many other activities come up, like Kingfield community events, serving meals to folks in need, picnics, ball games, hiking and biking, retreats, special worship services and more. Find a way to belong. We belong together!