What’s the music like?

We strive for diversity, with our core songs being modern rock and acoustic-based.  The band often includes electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and several vocalists, but our worship has also been known to have an accordion, mandolin, trumpet, violin and even clogging. We write some of our own music and borrow secular and Christian music that speaks to the message being shared. It might be described as a sacred cocktail of Modern, classic and alternative rock with a splash of pop garnished with a good slice of americana.

We usually have more than one band of in-house musicians rotating through worship on different weeks, and each group comes with a slightly different sound. Band members are members of our church community, and offer their time and talents as volunteers.

Want to hear a sample?

Here are some links to hear and purchase our music: Soundcloud, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and Spotify.

If you’re old school and appreciate physical media, some of our  original material is available on CD. You are welcome to take a CD and one for a friend when you visit us at worship.