Worship at Spirit Garage

Spirit Garage gathers for worship Sundays – Live and streaming.

10:30 AM at 100 W 46th St. in Minneapolis -The Meraki building. 

You can also find us on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Live.

What to expect when you come

Worship at Spirit Garage is casual, quirky and creative, just like the people who go to Spirit Garage. You might experience something a little different every week. When you arrive, enter through the green doors on the corner of Blaisdell and 46th; go up the stairs, and you’ll find the gathering space. The gathering space is filled with couches and chairs and tables; find what feels comfortable to you. If you want to the front of the room and turn left, there’s coffee and often snacks and some very nice people to greet you. We eat and drink throughout worship, so don’t feel weird about it. 

You won’t need a bulletin because everything will be on the screen.

Worship will last about an hour. You won’t be “expected” to do anything, but you’ll be invited to participate in whatever ways make sense for you, including communion.

Four Different Styles of Worship

Our worship varies depending on the week. We have four different kinds of worship:

Coffeehouse worship: featuring poetry and songs that tell a sacred story and remind us of God’s love and grace.

The Gospel According to….Each month is different, but we highlight a band that has songs that remind us of God, and preach a message about that instead of starting with a Biblical text.

Different Lens Highlights the voices of faith leaders who are also BIPOC or queer, who might expand our minds and hearts about who God is, how we read scripture, what God is up to and who God is for.

Classic Spirit Garage: This is our “Traditional” worship service-traditional to us! With five songs that often are originals, scripture, prayer and a message.

Regardless of the week you come, you can expect:


We begin with a welcome song. Participation is optional, sing, dance, clap along if you like, or feel free to just sit and listen.  

After the opening music, the pastor will welcome everyone and introduce the theme for the day, usually with a poem. Then we take a moment to prepare for worship and begin our worship in the name of a God who is still creating, still sustaining, and still saving us in all kinds of ways.


We believe that God is present in mysterious and wonderful ways through the sharing of communion. This involves eating bread and drinking wine or grape juice together most weeks. We also believe that communion is a gift of God, that Spirit Garage is God’s place and if anyone wants to take part in communion, they are welcome to participate. We share communion almost every week at our Sunday gatherings, and all are welcome. All means all. You can come forward and hold your hand out; you’ll be given a piece of bread, with the words, “The body of Christ, given for you.” Hold on to that bread, and then the next person will be holding two cups: the larger one is wine; the smaller one is grape juice. Dip your bread in one of these two cups, as you hear the words spoken to you: “The blood of Christ shed for you.”  

If you for your own reasons would prefer to receive a blessing, you can come forward with your arms crossed in front of you. And if you for your own reasons would prefer to just stay in your seat, or check out some of the art projects, you’re welcome to do that too. Just know that you are welcome to fully participate in communion if you desire it.


Following communion, we send you out with a blessing for the week, so that we all might take whatever love, grace and strength we’ve received during worship out into the world and share it with all whom we meet.


Before our final song, you’ll hear about what is coming up next at Spirit Garage, and we’ll pass some oil cans-our offering plates, around. No one is obligated to give, but if you found it to be a life-giving experience, we hope you’ll make a gift to Spirit Garage. You can do that in person with cash or check, or online or through texting!

What to wear

We are pretty casual. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.  

Children’s Ministry:

Young folks are welcome in church, and we provide art supplies for all people. Sometimes there is a children’s church time that is separate, and sometimes there will be a children’s message as part of church. I’ve been known to say that loud talking adults are way more disturbing to worship leaders than children have ever been, but if YOU feel uncomfortable with your child’s noise level, there is a balcony, a “gallery” or “family room” and even a kids classroom that you could escape to if  you want. 

Click here for upcoming Spirit Garage events.