The church with the really big door

We are worshipping online Sunday mornings at 10:30,  on Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook.

These days, we gather mostly online for worship, book clubs, coffee breaks, and other times to connect. There are some small groups that occasionally gather outside at a distance. Before the pandemic and other events in the neighborhood, we were gathering at the Hook & Ladder Theater and other locations in South Minneapolis. We will see what the future holds, but for now, it doesn't seem like a good idea to be inside and in-person in close breathing proximity. Join us online!

Our worship is casual.  Our community includes people who are under-churched, over-churched, and never-churched, and everything in between. Some have fervent beliefs and some have all kinds of doubts. Some were raised in a traditional church and some were not. There are some kids and parents, some single people, and some couples of various kinds. Some of our folks are sober and some are not. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you are welcome here.

Take a look around our website to learn more about the worship, music, community, and ethos of Spirit Garage.

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