Time & Location

Spirit Garage gathers for worship Sundays – Live and In Person.

10:30 AM at the Hook & Ladder Theater
3010 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis, 55406

Online worship through Twitter and Facebook

What will you find?

Good music is a large component of our gatherings. We’ll sing about 6-7 songs each time we gather.  Participation is optional, sing, dance, clap along if you like, or feel free to just sit and listen.  Hear music you will experience at our worship gatherings in the Music section.

Towards the middle of the gathering, one of our staff members or a member of the community will spend time sharing ideas, insights and exploring how the Bible and Christian tradition is useful in the midst of our daily lives.
We believe that God is present in mysterious and wonderful ways through the sharing of communion. This involves eating bread and drinking wine or grape juice together. We also believe that communion is a gift of God, that Spirit Garage is God’s place and if anyone wants to take part in communion, they are welcome to participate. We share communion every week at our Sunday gatherings.

God does some amazing things for us and through us by way of prayer. Prayer is an important part of or gatherings. There will be opportunities to pray with the whole community, by yourself and light a candle and say a prayer at each gathering. Again, participate as much as you want to. You are also invited to share a prayer on our Communication Card, leaving it in our offering baskets. Online prayer is available 24/7 by using our online prayers form, sending an email to: prayers@spiritgarage.org or Tweet a prayer: @SGprayer

Children’s Ministry
Spirit Garage hosts a weekly children’s ministry during Sunday Worship gatherings for children toddlers to 6th grade. Children are invited to start the morning in the worship space with their families and then are invited part way into the service to join in children’s activities. Children then return to the worship space after the message is over. For more information, contact Heidi Hansen, Spirit Garage Children’s Ministry.

Coffee & Food
It would be just plain wrong of us to ask people to come to something before noon on a weekend and not provide good coffee. At Spirit Garage you’ll find that a bit of joe is always available.  (For those of you who are interested, we use Peace Coffee. It is also available for purchase.)  And since coffee is often better with a little something to much on, we’ll have some tasty niblets set out as well.  Bring your beverage and snacks with you to your seat and enjoy them all morning long.

What to wear
There is no dress code at Spirit Garage so wear what makes you feel comfortable.  Most people will be wearing jeans, t-shirts, what they wore to the club last night, whatever works.

What’s with the name?
If Jesus was going to be born in Minneapolis today, it would probably be in a garage. Maybe the angels would be singing in a Garage Band.  We believe that God’s Spirit is alive, active and running around in the world today. Garages often have physically big doors; churches should have metaphorically big doors.