by Melissa Johnston, Partners-in-Giving Champion 

Imagine being a parent and then being told that your child has a condition that’s “incompatible with life”. That is what the Neonatologist told my husband and I three days after our first born baby was born. That is what thousands of families have endured and continue to face here in the Twin Cities.

Crescent Cove offers care and support to children and young adults with a shortened life-expectancy and to their families who love them. It is Minnesota’s first and only home designed just for children and their unique needs and the third of its kind in the United States. A home-away-from home, the goal is to help families feel embraced, assured, and celebrated.

This mission is so very near and dear to my heart because when our baby was born with a life-limiting condition, this home and these specific resources did not exist. When we took our daughter home on hospice, we didn’t know anyone who was going through anything similar to us, and it was an extremely isolating time.

I believe the Christ story tells us that we find healing when we turn misery into ministry and that is what Crescent Cove has done for me. I am incredibly proud of Spirit Garage’s partnership with Crescent Cove the last five years as we’ve donated our time, treasure and talent as a church community.

Crescent Cove is doing amazing things for families these days as they continue the advocacy, awareness, fundraising and care for the special children and families, and I’m thankful we continue to help support their life-changing, meaningful work.

Yours in Christ,

Melissa Johnston

Spirit Garage Children’s Ministry Parent Coordinator and member of the Drivetrain