Hi. Jason Eldridge, here. You may not even know the name. However, I am in the bulletin regularly as one of the Drive Train members. And once in a while I am the guy in the back of the room pushing the buttons to make your favorite Spirit Garage singers and musicians sound good through the sound system.

Spring is here! I was listening to MPR just two days ago while were covering the moment when the Earth tilted past the point of the Sun only existing in the southern hemisphere. It happened on the 20th of March at 4:58 pm. It felt like such an odd thing to celebrate, and yet, was somehow climactic. Days will be getting much longer and warmer in the coming days and weeks.

I drive 40 miles a day to work and back and have found this year to be quite the challenge. In the past week, I have watched 694 go from winter wrecks to dry and clear. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders. I was driving yesterday and thought about that for a moment. I imagined that this is probably what it feels like to give things up to God. I can’t say I’ve ever had this feeling in my own life, but imagined that’s what it must feel like. I somewhat felt envious, and yet realized, that’s what was happening to me on 694.

Spring had taken away the stress of driving to work. I am not at liberty to say that God has anything to do with the changing of the seasons, but if he/she does, then, thank you. Less snow makes everything easier. And that is coming from an able bodied individual. I can only imagine what it was like this year for anyone who might have mobility problems or disabilities which can only be compounded with a record-breaking amounts of snow.

It’s been a long winter and we just crossed the 50 degree mark after 185 days or so of temps that fell way short of that number. Enjoy the weather, Spirit Garagers and get outside in the coming weeks.