February 21, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
online on Facebook and YouTube
Holly Johnson
"A Different Lens" with Rev. Mytch Pierre-Noel Dorvillier @ online on Facebook and YouTube
People have been thinking about God forever. But, for a long time, only certain people’s voices were listened to, especially within Western Christianity. European men had a lot of good things to say (and some bad things!) But the voices of others were often silenced.
In our “Different Lens” worship, we listen to some of these voices once a month on the third Sunday. In February, we’ll hear from Rev. Mytch Pierre-Noel Dorvilier. She is currently serving as Pastor in Fresno, CA. With a passion for serving the last, the lost and the least, Dorvilier is a committed community member with a special interest in refugee resettlement, multicultural settings, interreligious dialogue and addressing issues of racial injustice. She is also a dancer and always eager to share her Haitian culture with others.