The following post comes from Spirit Garage member Michael “Bear” Meyer, who is the champion for our Partner-in-giving, International Justice Mission:

As a Christian I believe in the power of prayer. I use prayer as a means to have a conversation with God. I believe he responds to my intentions.

Now imagine if my one voice, plus your voice, was joined by thousands of common minded folks laser focused on the issue of slavery.  This is the purpose of Freedom Sunday. A day of concentrated Prayer where churches from around the world focus in unison for the plight of those trapped in modern day slavery.

Last year over 18,000 churches around the world united in prayer on Freedom Sunday. I am proud Spirit Garage has been involved with Freedom Sunday since it was created 4 years ago by International Justice Mission.

This year Freedom Sunday will be held on September 22nd. Once again Spirit Garage will participate.

On Freedom Sunday Pastor Holly will incorporate the issues of modern day slavery into her Invocation and Sermon. Our prayer segment will have us lift our hearts in prayer to those caught in the bonds of trafficking. Kerns, Minister of Music, has selected songs which tie’s into the issue. During announcements our SG kids will carry a chain representing the bonds of slavery to the stage and break it as we drop coins into our “Lose Change To Loosen Change” jar.

Most important we will unite with thousands of people lifting our prayers in a conversation with God. That day we will speak to God and ask he give us the wisdom and strength to help those who cannot help themselves. Also to give hope where needed and to strengthen the will of agencies, such as IJM, working to stop slavery.

On Freedom Sunday, in your conversation to God, please consider there are more slaves today, estimated to be over 40 million, who are held in homes, brothels, boats and factories. Ask God to loosen the chain of slavery created by greed and profit. And, ask he give strength to those who are fighting the good fight to fight to win men, women and children their freedom.

Freedom Sunday, 2019. A day of focused prayer. A day the world comes together. A day that can help the plight of many to gain their freedom.

Please join us in our conversation with God.

Michael “Bear” Meyer