Kernsey shares why he loves large crowd events like MayDay 2019.

I love being in and watching large groups of people. The Taste of Minnesota, The MN State Fair, Coachella, Wakarusa & Bonnaroo Music Festivals—I’m in heaven. There are always these people: 

  • The Party People
  • The Sunburnt 
  • The Colorful
  • The Cosplayers
  • The Scammers
  • Everyone else in between

Crowds are the BEST

The largest crowd I’ve been a part of is Bonnaroo 2011, approximately 80,000 people camping in the heat. Oh, but so much fun! Borrowing baby wipes from our neighbor for a baby-wipe-shower, $5 golf cart rides from monster-masked chauffeurs, seeing actual relatives in the Primus crowd, and many other people I can only describe as “different”. They are the BEST, because they don’t care what you think. 

The larger the group, the less self-conscious I feel because everyone is out flying their freak flag and mine can blend right in. I love MayDay Festivalfor the same reason. Artists, skateboarders, neighbors, the sunburnt, and everyone in between is out enjoying life, the weather, and the community fun. If you look at each person, each story, each face that passes by, you can see the many faces of God. Good, bad and otherwise, this fascinates me. I really enjoy the diversity of our world and always want to see more of it. 

Introverts reading this are cringing. It’s OK. I love you too. 

MayDay 2019! 

The fact that this could possibly be the last MayDay Parade and Festival, is disappointing. The feeling of community I feel in this particular crowd is amazing. I fully support any organization willing to carry this torch, and with 60,000 people in attendance, there must be some way to make it at least a break-even event. City Pagesrecently provided interesting insight. And, I get it. 

Spirit Garage welcomes all these folks and, you, too. Our welcome tent will be on top of the hill at 14th Ave. & 33rd St. We’d love to see you and give a high five, noon-6pm on Sunday, May 5.