I know where I was on September 11, 2001, but I can’t recall what was happening on September 12.  I was probably mourning for lives lost and angry about plots executed, but what was I actually DOING?  I think there was a prayer vigil at Bethlehem Lutheran that I attended, and I’m positive I spent a lot of time in front of the TV.

Now we see clearly looking back, the airline security updates, the metal detectors at the ballpark, and the lock down drills in my 3rdgraders’ classrooms.  All these changes make things safer, shore up loose ends, maybe.  THIS is our September 12.  And beyond, of course, but what I think of September 12 literally and metaphorically is just mostly disappointment at what had to happen for us to catch up to the abilities of our enemies.  The saddened realization that our country, now more divided than ever, has to put in place the policies, mechanisms, and technologies to help, save, comfort and defend us from even ourselves.

Dropping off my wife at the airport made me think of this.  Never forget.  People post those memes as if we could somehow forget.  So many facets of our lives revolve around the events of September 11, 2011 that they become the new normal, and yes, we could overlook that cause and effect, but we don’t forget.  Do we?

There’s nothing here to sway your opinions or reinforce your views, just to get you to look closer at what it is, what it was, and what it shall be. Just, TAKE IT IN.  Keep moving.  Students are fighting to change gun laws and families are fleeing their homes in war-torn countries live in their own September 12.  Nigerian girls are being abducted en masse and our new cold war is very much alive in our own September 12.  This is depressing stuff; take it in and let’s look to what our future is going to hold.

My September 12 is full of disillusionment in our country’s leaders, but also of music.  Music with my friends, music at my church, music in front of strangers, music from my heroes. September 12 is also the day my daughter was baptized.  Maybe it’s not so bad afterall.

I present to you “September 12” by David Wilcox.  It’s a great perspective of how things were and now are. I play this song once a year.  I never forget.