It is starting! The first snow has fallen, & while it has not yet stuck, there is an all too familiar chill returning to the air & an all too familiar crunch to the ground below our feet. While we begin preparing to shovel our driveways and scrape off our cars, more than 20 Spirit Garage musicians are busy rehearsing Holiday favorites & new Spirit Garage Holiday tunes. Although this season begs us to curl up under a warm blanket with a good book (or “Love is Blind”, we don’t judge) we invite you to sneak out for one night and curl up on our couches, with a cup of hot cocoa & some Christmas cookies for this year’s Christmas Show, “Wonder Upon Wonder”. 

In the bitter cold of Minnesota winter, it is easy to lose the magic, the wonder, the beauty of a freshly fallen coating of snow. “Wonder Upon Wonder” will create an intentional environment to explore the many types of wonder we feel during this magical winter season. Whether it is a wonder derived from the feeling of Christmas magic, the childlike wonder we find in the first snow, or the wonder of Love being born among us, I hope we can find that wonder is all around us. Come for the cookies and music, stay for the awe and wonder you will find in music that encapsulates this season of hope, wonder, and beauty.