The Holidays are going to look a little different this year. I’ll be missing in-person time with family, holiday shows, holiday dinners and all the things. 

But this year, we have a bunch of new things: Zoom Holidays, Covid Christmases, and all of the things in the “unprecedented, pivoting” year of “community spread” when being “negative” is a good thing, and keeping distance and staying at home is healthy. 

Let’s hope next year is better! In the meantime, I hope you take the opportunity to take in the season of Advent; a season of waiting, of anticipation for Christ to come. It is easy to forget in other years that Christ coming into the world had nothing to do with almost everything that we think Christmas is about-shopping and fancy meals, office parties and bonuses. 

I hope you will find some meaningful ways to live in the season of Advent in your home. Three resources you could check out: 

  • has a short video about what Advent is, an instagram photo challenge and a fun daily Advent calendar. 
  • The Salt Project also has cool daily Advent activities
  • Light the candles: In church we’ll be lighting a candle for each of the four weeks in Advent. I hope you will also find four candles, light one new candle each week with us during online worship at 10:30 AM. You’ll also need a fifth candle for the Christ candle on Christmas Eve!

In addition, Spirit Garage is hosting three events for you to participate in in various ways, listed on the calendar page, but also at the bottom of this blog post and on Facebook.  

Lastly, as the end of the year approaches, if you have not been negatively financially affected by this year’s crises, consider making a year-end gift to Spirit Garage. While our expenses have been down, so has our giving. Our giving never meets our budget, so it would be great to get closer to that reality during this year. It is easy to donate online: 

A blessed Holiday Season to you all. 

Pastor Holly Johnson

GBX 12: Christmas Past, Present & Future 

Saturday, December 12, 7 PM or

For the 12th year in a row, Spirit Garage will host the Garage Band Christmas Show, with The Brothers Frantzich, Revealed, 3 on the Tree, The Collective Ascent, Chillbilly Dynasty, Farm Dogs, and John Kerns.

 The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future are with us this covid-Christmas. Listen as we pay homage to those three elements all in one evening.


Advent Poetry & Creativity Night

Thursday, December 17th, 7 PM

On Poetry and Creativity nights, we sit together on Zoom, read poetry, spend time writing or creating, and then share. This night will center around the Advent theme of “Gifts.”

I’m thinking of gifts we’re given, gifts we receive, the giftedness of all, and I’m thinking of the gift of slowing this season down and living into Advent in a different way. 


Christmas Eve Worship

Thursday, December 24th, 4 PM or

On Christmas eve, we will gather late in the day as the sun is setting to hear the lessons and sing the carols that tell the story of Love come down. 

Later in the evening, at 6:30, step outside in your neighborhood with a candle and a radio; we believe NPR Classical will be hosting an “All Sing” of Silent Night across the nation.