Wild Goose Music Festival @ VanHoy Farms & Campground
Jul 10 – Jul 15 all-day
Wild Goose Music Festival @ VanHoy Farms & Campground



The Wild Goose Festival is a 4 day Spirit, Justice, Music and arts festival. It involves camping, big and small stages with speakers, conversations, interviews, live podcasts, interactive art installations, panels, musicians, beer hymn sings, and all kinds of other shenanigans… in North Carolina, with some of the coolest progressive speakers, artists, creators, musicians who identify with (or are adjacent to) Christianity around. Who wants to go with me? Some people will road trip and some will fly. We can discuss these things in the zoom. The 4 day event registration fee costs $269 (if you register before March 19th) BUT we got a group discount code. So when you check out, put this code in: SG24 and that will give you like 20% off.

You can register by putting down a deposit of $109 on the Wild Goose Website. If you need assistance for the rest, talk with me about your need, and we’ll work something out. There will be some costs for transportation, and food. We can probably work on some group meals together but there are also food trucks.  Sounds awesome, right?

Here’s a video that will give you a little taste of what it’s about: https://youtu.be/hFTfNTRodxA?si=0ePUMmSI30ZqoYGV.

PS you can also rent tents down there. And there are some hotels about 20 minutes away. There are also glamping options.