August 7, 2022 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Spirit Garage
100 W 46th Street
MN 55419
Spirit Garage
Boombox Church @ Spirit Garage

Spirit Garage has always brought music in from the so-called “secular-world” that sound like something sacred to us. We imagine you have your own favorite songs that speak about God or what is sacred to you. This is the day to highlight those songs! Send us your favorite song that reminds you of God to [email protected], and a brief explanation of why you love it and what it tells you about God or what is Holy. We’ll put it on a list and for that day we’ll cue up about 8 songs to listen to, with YOU giving us about a two minute mini-message about what you hear in the song that reminds you of God. 

We’ll let you know the week before if your song will be chosen for this day, and we’ll save the rest for another time. Send in your song choice by July 20th.