It’s June and all around the country folks are celebrating PRIDE month! What is it? Well, you can read more about it here. Here at Spirit Garage we are entering into a bingo-like challenge with a PRIDE BINGO card for all to use. We encourage you to use it to learn more about the LQBTQIA+ community and why it matters to be supporters and allies as people of faith. This list is far from exhaustive and there are many more resources you could check out, please do! Share what you are learning with other Spirit Garage folks. Join us for books club or the Different Lens series. And even if you don’t get bingo in June – you can use this card all summer long!

The Core Team has shared our stories of experiencing welcome and belonging in the Spirit Garage community, and what it means to be an ally (here are a few ways). We will be continuing with more opportunities for storytelling in the summer, then looking at the Spirit Garage mission and welcome statements near the end of the summer into the fall, and finally revising those statements to be reflective of this process and voting on becoming an RIC church in October 2023! Stay tuned!

~ RIC Core Team: Michelle, Scott, Adrienne, and Holly