Hey, Spirit Garage!

~ A message from Scott Hochhalter, RIC Core Team Member
Who enjoyed PRIDE Bingo? I discovered a new favorite TV show and love hearing Anni’s cover of the “Plowshare Prayer” in services. Even if you didn’t do many of these suggested activities in June, I hope you use the PRIDE Bingo card to spark curiosity and continue your growth. But before we look forward, I’d like to recap where we’ve been since we announced our Reconciling in Christ Core Team’s mission earlier this year.
To start, thank you to the fantastic members of the Spirit Garage community who shared their personal stories with us over a coffee or beer. It was enlightening to hear how you came to be a part of this church and how your presence makes us stronger as a whole. We have enjoyed a few Different Lens services featuring some queer perspectives and had book discussions about the valuable One Coin Found and the Bible and Transgender Christians. And I’d like to thank the congregation who endured some “Clunky Questions” and listened to the Core Team tell why they are members of Spirit Garage. It’s been wonderful to break silences, think critically about God’s word, and bridge connections in our small but fruitful community. I’m excited about the journey we are on together.

So what’s next?

This past Sunday evening, we started a Storytelling Workshop centered on “Belonging.” Over the next several weeks, people will refine their stories and storytelling craft, culminating in a Storytelling Event similar to The Moth format on Sunday, July 30, at 7 PM. Queer Film Night for all on August 25th from 7-8:30 PM with a few varied shorts (and rainbow snacks) are in the works in August. And a book discussion on the book, “Boys and Oil: Growing up Gay in a Fractured Land” by Taylor Brorby on August 8th, at 7 PM. You may want to sign up for a three-day retreat the last weekend in August, in the Northwoods, where we continue to grow and enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, where are we going with All of this?

We plan to draft a new Welcome Statement with the assistance of all members of the Spirit Garage community throughout August into the beginning of September. All Means All, and we encourage you to consider what’s essential to include in a welcome statement for Spirit Garage. When the statement is complete (early October, close to SG’s birthday), we will vote on adopting the Welcome Statement, one of the primary components of becoming a Reconciling in Christ church. Finally, when adopted, we will celebrate and relish the work and growth we’ve achieved together in becoming a Reconciling In Christ Church.