All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, is the day before All Saints Day, the day we honor and celebrate all saints, known or unknown.  While the fun part is Halloween with all the costumes and candy and decorations, All Saints Day is rarely celebrated in earnest aside from churches, usually the Sunday afterward.

Valentine Eve, (a holiday I just made up) the day before Valentine’s Day, is the celebration of all past, present, and future relationships, good and bad.  It’s a night to revel in love and hate, happiness and sadness, depression and joy. While everyone deeply in love will be celebrating said love on Valentine’s Day, February 14, we will come together to honor the fallen, the mistrusted, the hurtful and the emotionally bruised on February 13.

What a terrible thing it is to be dumped, alone, and mistreated. Why would we invest our time and energy to such a thing?  We remember, and then try to forget.  We need to emerge from the wreckage and get back behind the wheel, or at least, limp to the curb and let the police and insurance companies deal with the fallout. We need to drop the baggage on the conveyer belt with no claim tag, and buy new clothes at the airport cuz we’re writing a new blog entry: Done With all That.

On Valentine Eve, I want to help you with whatever you’re fighting through.  This Wednesday, February 13, I’d like you to join me in song at Carbone’s Pizzeria for audio-therapy.  Kernsey & Friends will be performing tunes about loss and life, separation and anxiety, and finally determination, transition and happiness.

We can be in paradise on the 14th, but the 13thwe are still in the desert.

Kernsey & Friends
Wednesday, February 14
Carbone’s Pizzeria, 4705 Cedar Ave S., Mpls
No Cover, All Ages