What? Christmas?

While we still seem to be in the dog days of summer, why not talk about…. Christmas!
This year we will celebrate Christmas in a new way, with a new kind of show that celebrates creativity in a few different ways.
Anni Coyle, (Music Director) found a beautiful little poem by Emily Dickenson called “Before the Ice is in the Pools” with some lines that say, Before the fields have finished/Before the Christmas tree/Wonder upon wonder/Will arrive to me!
So they thought that could make a good theme for a Christmas show: Wonder upon Wonder. 

We are asking you to wonder upon wonder

See how wonder arrives to you. Then, Your task is to write a poem/very short memoir or story to submit for possible inclusion around the theme of Wonder (and related somehow to winter or Christmas), and turn that in by October 15.  Then, Anni will begin selecting songs that fit alongside the spoken art for the band/musicians to do. (This Christmas event will likely be the second weekend in December, date and time TBA.)

“Lets Get Creative” Night to explore ideas

We’re going to have  a “Lets get creative night” with prompts around this theme on Thursday September 14th from 7-8:30 PM. You don’t have to write your piece at this event, and you don’t have to attend this “lets get creative” event to submit something, and whatever you write doesn’t have to be submitted. But it will be a night to get the creative juices flowing. I hope you’ll join me! Just bring your favorite writing/art supplies. You’ll be given prompts, time to write, time to share if you want.