At Spirit Garage, we hold open the Big Door of God’s love and create a space where everyone is welcomed.

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beer-and-bibleThird Thursday Theology on Tap

Where is God in our suffering?

(And where are we?)

January 18   7:00-8:30 PM

Sister Sludge Wine and Coffee Bar

3746 23rd Ave S Minneapolis

There are different brews and different views. Third Thursday Theology on Tap is a space for conversation about theology and events in the world over drinks and food. We will give you some conversation prompts and see where the conversation takes us.

This month’s topic: Where is God in our suffering?

For many people, traumatic experiences are what cause people to lose faith. We will tackle the age-old question of Where God is in our suffering. All understandings of God are welcome and encouraged. If you are bored between now and then, read up on the subject of “Theodicy.”

Show up, put on a name tag, share your lived experience and hear what others have to say. This event is planned by Spirit Garage and the Young Adults at Bethlehem Twin Cities.

Enjoy drinks and conversation?

Open to questions of being, belief, and belonging?

Then you’ll probably LOVE Theology Pub!

This is our first event, so everyone is new. You are welcome here once or every time.