A Worship Service to Honor Survivors of Sexual Violence

Monday, October 15, 7-8pm

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 4100 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls

Next Sunday, Pastor Holly will be a part of a special prayer service for survivors of sexual violence. This service of evening prayer is for survivors of sexual violence and all who hurt and grieve with them. God hears your cries and calls the church to show up in the weariness and suffering with comfort that whispers, “You are not alone.”  More info can be found here. If you are a survivor and have found these last few weeks bringing back hard memories, please join us. 


Third Thursday Theology on Tap

Thursday, October 18,  7:00-8:30 PM

Sisters’ Sludge Wine and Coffee Bar, 3746 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis

Drinks and Conversation around the topic: Are things getting better or worse? 

Open questions on theology, life, culture
All are welcome — Bring your whole self

This month’s topic: Is there only one true religion?

Show up, put on a name tag, share your lived experience and hear what others have to say.


Spirit Garage’s 21st Birthday Party!

Spirit Garage is turning 21!

Sunday, October 21, 2018, 1-3:30

Squirrel Haus Arts, 3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis

Back in 1997, Rose was still clinging to Jack on top of a door in a frozen sea, telling him “I’ll never let go, Jack” as the Titanic slipped to the bottom of the ocean on the big screen, radio stations were playing Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows, Lenny Kravitz, NIN, and Foofighters, and Lollapalooza traveled the country. The iPhone wouldn’t be a thing for a decade and Napster hadn’t yet begun. Bill Clinton was still president, we lost Princess Di and Mother Theresa, movie tickets were still $5, Seinfeld and Friends still occupied our Thursday nights on Must See TV , we hadn’t yet met Harry Potter and Spirit Garage was born. Cheers to 1997, and Cheers to 21 years! What will happen in the next 21 years?

Come Celebrate 21 years of ministry with us!


All Square  Let’s Go!

Sunday, November 11, 12-1pm

All Square Restaurant, 4047 Minnehaha Ave. Mpls

Once a month, anyone available to get your grilled cheese on, we go out to All Square for Grilled cheese-in October let’s go after church on October 7th. All Square is “Guilt-Free Comfort food” a restaurant and non-profit dedicated to reducing the rate of recidivism by believing that when people have served their time they are “All Square” and teaching the restaurant business, through a lot of grilled cheese which are also “All Square.” All Square is one of our Partners in Giving this year.


New Book Discussion! Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water and Learning to Love the Bible again, By Rachel Held Evans

Tuesday, November 20th, 7:30 PM (chapters 6-8)

Moon Palace Books (upstairs), 3020 Minnehaha Ave, Mpls

Come to one or all of these discussions. This isn’t a “Club” you have to join. Read/listen to the book, and join in the discussion when you can. You can grab food and drink at Geek Love and bring it upstairs. Twenty percent discount if you get your book at Moon Palace and tell them you’re part of this…discussion. But maybe for this purpose, call it a club.